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Lake Gaston
Landscaping Service VA & NC
Landscape Service VA - Erosion Control Lake Gaston
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Landscaping Service VA & NC

Top Gun Enterprises performs all of the landscaping services describe below not only in the Lake Gaston area, but also in the metro regions of Richmond VA and Raleigh NC. Please feel free to contact us for further information on the areas we provide lawn care maintenance and other landscaping services in and around Lake Gaston.

  • Compost Application / Fertilizing & Mulching
    We will apply a mixture of decaying organic matter, from leaves and manure to improve soil structure and provide important nutrients to your plants and shrubs.
  • Erosion Control Lake Gaston
    To keep your landscape from gradually wearing away, we provide erosion control service on Lake Gaston; we analyze the problem area, and provide solutions such as slope stabilization, rip-rap, and other means.
  • Hydro Seeding / Over-Seeding
    With hydro seeding, we spray a mixture of water, grass seed, mulch and other ingredients onto a large area that is intended for plant growth. Over-seeding on the other hand is where we spread seed over established turf that has been prepared for restoration.
  • Irrigation Systems
    Top Gun Landscaping will install irrigation systems to provide adequate moisture your property to keep it looking beautiful!
  • Landscaping Services
    Top Gun will improve the appearance of your property by working closely with you to design and implement a variety of enhancements, such as trees, shrubs, flower beds, retaining walls, walkways designed with pavers, and more.
  • Minor Excavation
    If your landscaping project involves minor excavation, such as clearing and removing trees, stumps, brush, stones or other obstacles, we can assist you with those needs.
  • Pavers
    Walkways, patios or entranceways made from concrete pavers provide a uniform, level surface for walking and add beauty to your property. Top Gun Enterprises specializes in landscape paver installation in VA & NC.
  • Pesticide Application
    To protect your landscape from harmful insects, we apply pesticide applications that are not only safe for your family and pets, but are also safe for your plants.
  • Retaining Walls
    Another specialty of Top Gun Enterprises is our beautifully designed retaining walls. Retaining walls are essential in sloped areas to hold back ground which could otherwise move downwards causing flooding or erosion. The retaining wall stabilizes slopes and provides useful areas for properties with different elevations. And most of all they enhance to look of the property.
  • Snow / Ice Management
    We provide snow removal services to residential and commercial clients and to Home Owners Associations.
  • Tree Removal Lake Gaston / Tree Trim / Leaf Removal
    Top Gun Enterprises will also trim branches of trees or remove trees altogether where needed. In many areas fallen leaves become a safety hazard or are unsightly to a beautifully landscaped property; our staff will gladly provide leaf removal for you.

Our Service Area

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Contact Info

Top Gun Enterprises, LLC
7478 Highway 903
Bracey, VA 23919

Phone: (434) 636-3320
FAX: (434) 636-3330


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Top Gun Enterprises, LLC
7478 Highway 903
Bracey, VA 23919

Phone: (434) 636-3320
FAX: (434) 636-3330


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  • SWaM Certified
  • Hubzone Certified


  • Small Business Association - WOSB Certified
  • SWaM Certified
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Contractor - Certified


  • Class 'A' Contractor
  • VA Licensed Pesticide Certified
  • NC Contractor Licensed Seal